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How do I take care of myself when I am sick and staying in a hostel...

UI/UX Project


As a fresher, hostel life was a new concept for me. I used to fall sick frequently but had no clue how to deal with it by myself or to take the right measures to stop from falling sick.

I saw that many of the new students were facing the same issues and decided to take this up as a problem. 

Problem Statement

How to take care of yourself in college without calling your mom.

#gharke tareeke

Why is this a problem 

It is a common problem as a lot of students have their parents to look after at homes but as they go for higher education away from home, they find themselves clueless as to how they should prevent from falling sick and retaining their immunity and understanding their health patterns

Why should it be solved

Looking up on google can destabilize, wastes a lot of time & confuse the patient, instead an app can give easy and appropriate homely remedies that can solve their issues. 

What are we solving

Providing an instant solution of home remedies when a person falls sick

Why are we solving 

To retain the immunity of the students who are newly introduced into a different city, considering the weather conditions, food and water

Who are we solving for

  •  Undergraduate students moving to different cities

  • Students living abroad for higher education by themselves.

  • Young interns/employees moving for job transfers.

Where are we solving for

College campus


As a student in campus managing their daily routine, falls sick due to harsh weather conditions(summer) and they have no clue of what medicines to take or quick home remedies to make them feel better. The student then proceeds to call their mom but is not reachable at that time.

Ideal user cycle example


User Persona

Primary Persona


Secondary Persona

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Keyword mapping

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User Flow


Low Fidelity Wireframes


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