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A kiosk designed for a national park/zoo for kids to interact with and get to know more about wildlife in a fun and educational way

Interactive Kiosk Project 


This project aimed to conduct research and develop an interactive and educational game by using icons inspired by state animals that we designed.

We visited a protected national park and zoo and observed the enviromnent there

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On field observations

  • Zoos may not always be accessible or inclusive for all visitors, including those with disabilities, families with young children, and those with limited language skills. This can limit the visitor experience and discourage some visitors from attending.

  • Visitors may not be fully engaged in the zoo experience if they are not provided with adequate educational or interactive opportunities. This can lead to a less fulfilling experience for visitors

  • Poor legibility of information displayed for the visitors considering the font size used on signage or displays and insufficient lighting to read especially in shaded areas. 


We selected four state animals/birds as game characters and studied about their characteristics and nature.

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The Gameplan (Ideation Stage)

We ideated over how we could bring our characters together and come up with an indulging game strategy. 

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Final Strategy - An Interactive Game

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  • Age Group - kids more than 10years

  • Location - A hypothetical National Park 

Possible Outcomes of the Game

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Mutually selected

 How can a Kiosk help in a Zoo

  • Interactive multimedia education improves learning and reduces barriers. A modern visual and tactile interface connects to many audiences, specifically those inclined toward consuming bite-sized information from mobile devices.

  • The education experience of a kiosk allows visitors to interpret acccurate information and stories in the context of what is meaningful in their lives, cultures, and histories.

  • An outdoor kiosk helps to direct the public to their intended destination in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.

User Flow

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Screenshot 2023-04-09 172545.png


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Color Palette






Map Graphic





Icon Making

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Artboard 15_10.png
Artboard 15_9.png

Final Icons

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Final Outcome

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